Online Security Education



156 million phishing emails are sent
16 million phishing emails get through security filters to inboxes
8 million phishing emails are opened and 800,000 links in those emails are clicked

80,000 recipients fall for a phishing scam

Test and Train Your Employees

Every day, someone is trying to get inside your head. These attacks are becoming more and more common with every passing moment. The human element is often the weakest component in a company’s security. Attackers know this and exploit it, because humans are imperfect creatures with emotions that can be tampered with through social engineering tactics such as threats or bribes to gain access to sensitive information.

This is why the financial sector should be on high alert. Cyberattacks are a problem that doesn’t seem to have any end in sight, and they’re all too easy for criminals today who use them as their weapon of choice. In fact 47% of cyber security attacks such as social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks which cause major damage financially motivated!

Why would you want to go through the time and effort of phishing someone’s credentials when it can be done with a simple mouse click? With our service, we will send your employees simulated spear-phishing attacks on a routine schedule. We’ll try anything from sending emails that appear like they’re coming from their boss’ email address requesting sensitive information or making them think there has been an issue in the company by impersonating IT personnel. Why risk getting caught unaware at work because some hacker got into your network while no one was looking?

Our Phishing Simulator allows you to craft a simple email message and send it out with the touch of a button. You can create custom-built phishing templates or use one of our preloaded ones, then customize each recipient’s information so that they don’t suspect anything until after clicking on your malicious link inside their inboxes!

At the end of each day, we have to go through an aggravating series of tasks like logging out and checking our bank statements. Why do I always feel so vulnerable after a long workday? It’s because phishing scams are such common occurrences! They’re everywhere- whether it be in your email inbox or on social media ads popping up as you scroll by – but don’t worry; there is one simple way to avoid them: spear phishing awareness training programs can help prevent these scams from fooling us into giving away sensitive information. Luckily for all those people who want nothing more than peace-of mind with their loved ones at the end of every day, someone has finally found a solution that actually works!