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All Data Is Not Equal

Much of the information or data that people produce is not vital to a business. However, what they do create and consume can have an effect on their productivity at work and in life.

“A study from University of California-Davis found employees who used social media while working reported being less productive than those who didn’t use it during office hours.”

All of this data can be duplicitous files, folders for apps no longer in use, and music downloads. Family photos that do not need to be protected on the company’s dime are also part of it

All these types of data can come from different sources and each one poses a threat when they’re left unsecured at work or home.

There is a problem with backup and recovery options – they fail to differentiate between valuable data and irrelevant, unnecessary files. This can be harmful because the only way for some people to get their important documents back if anything goes wrong is by getting them from these images or file folders which hold all of it together in one place.

We have found a solution! Our partner vendor has developed an encryption process that lets you decide what should stay on your computer’s hard drive while simultaneously encrypting everything else so no-one besides yourself would ever know about its existence!

Intelligent, Automated Data Protection

This online backup solution is a great way to protect only the data that’s important. Rather than backing an entire drive with all information on either laptops or desktops, it protects only the things you care about most and does so in less time as well!

This internet backup service can save your day if disaster strikes because rather than just protecting one device like PC’s and Macbooks, this protection program saves files from any devices – whether they’re Windows-based machines or even Linux ones too. This means not having to worry about what type of computer someone may be using when looking for their file later down the line; everything will always be backed up no matter which machine its owner uses at home or work.

This backup and recovery solution accomplishes this with its web-based data analyzer that has been specifically designed to analyze your company’s vital information, including but not limited to: emails, files on a network drive or public cloud storage.

This is just one of many features offered by our software; it will also allow you to restore any lost file from anywhere in the world at anytime so long as you have an internet connection!

This data-analyzer features built-in intelligence that identifies what data on a given computer should be backed up and what should be excluded to make the most of your cloud storage space.