Saving Clients Money

Business professionals at work

As a small business owner, many times the day to day activities can be very daughting to mange the expenses each month. While you can’t avoid paying your employees or rent, these are some ways to cut down on other costs. A business owner needs to be stregitic in who they are dealing with that […]

Make Hybrid Work Environments Secure

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented shift in the way people work. Although most companies relied on a fully remote work model initially, the vaccine rollout has led to the popularization of hybrid work environments. A hybrid work environment has elements of both the traditional on-site work model and the remote work model. Employees can choose to work from home, at the office or a combination of both.

2021 Must-Know Cyber Attack Statistics and Trends

Cyberattacks have been rated the fifth top rated risk in 2020 and become the new norm across public and private sectors. This risky industry continues to grow in 2021 as IoT cyberattacks alone are expected to double by 2025.

Cyber Attacks On Small Businesses On The Rise In 2021

Cyber Attacks on Small Businesses Increase Cyber attacks are growing in both frequency and severity, particularly against small businesses. Industry experts estimate that cybersecurity incidents will costs businesses over $5 trillion within the next five years alone. Malicious hackers know the majority of smaller organizations are not prepared against network security breaches, making them popular targets for […]

Securing Your Remote Workers

Over the last few years, we have seen several tech companies, such as Buffer, Todoist and Help Scout, to name a few, switch to a fully remote or partial work setup. Most of these companies spent months preparing for the switch by training their employees, setting up remote work policies and ensuring the necessary infrastructure […]

New Partnerships

We are excited to be partners with Microsoft and Rhombus as we help clients streamline technology used in the office. The Microsoft program allows me to help clients with cloud customer lifecycle products. On the Rhombus side of things is a unique camera system that reduces bandwidth of storing video on the cloud, and uses […]

2020 Small Business Saturday Our Small Business Saturday special to you until January 1, 2021, allow us to host your current website or build you a brand new site that we host in order to be eligible to receive this complementary vacation.   The hosting server will be located centrally located to your business for the fastest response […]

What is a Managed Service Provider

What Is a Managed Service Provider and Is It Worth It? You can’t run a business these days without technological backup. You also can’t expect all of your employees to be 100% tech savvy. Every office-run business needs some form of IT support. But for smaller businesses like yours, an in-house team may not be […]

Proactive Maintenance

Do you currently have someone that will bring cleaning equipment to your business location to ‘clean’ the technology devices on a regular basis? If not, this is recommended to be done on a yearly basis to help remove any collected dust that has entered these devices. Cleaning the dust from a computer can help improve […]

New Certification – Amplified IT Admin

EDU Certified Amplified Admin

Just completed a Google Admin course on the Google for Education Admin Console. This course was about how to administer this platform to service area school districts. Many school districts have been using Google for Education in the One-To-One Initiatives. Now with this knowledge, I can help school districts and businesses with this platform to […]