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If you want to protect your business against the evolving threat landscape, you need to take a multi-faceted approach. Find out how we can help. #cybersecurity #cyberdefense

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Continuous efforts must be made to upgrade security without making things too onerous for users or budgets. #cybersecurity #cybersecurityawarenessmonth

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Improve your security policy and practices to better protect your organization against cyberattacks and secure your vital assets with a comprehensive assessment of your IT vulnerabilities and data assets. #riskassessment #cybersecurity #cyberattack #securitypolicy

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The 3-2-1 rule for backups is a great standard to follow. You can double the safety of your data in case of an unforeseen catastrophe or disaster by keeping backup copies both locally and off-site. #backup #securitydisaster #datasecurity

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Cybersecurity training improves employee behavior and minimizes risk at home and at work. See how we can teach your employees to be safe online.

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An incident response strategy ensures that in the event of a security breach, the appropriate individuals and procedures are in place to deal with the danger effectively. Contact us to find out how to start creating your strategy today. #incidentresponsestrategy #cybersecurity #breach

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Paying a ransom doesn’t guarantee your organization will recover your data. It also motivates perpetrators to target more victims and provides an incentive for others to engage in similar illicit behavior. #ransomware #cybercrime #cybersecurity

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Contact us today to find out how we can make meeting compliance a simple and seamless process. #healthcare #cybersecurity #compliance #datasecurity

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Relying on one basic security solution proves ineffective against advanced attack vectors. Defense in Depth (DiD) provides more comprehensive cyber protection. Contact us to learn more. #defenseindepth #cybersecurity #layeredsecurity

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The cost of cybercrime is rising. Avoid becoming the next victim. Collaborate with a specialist like us to protect your organization. #cybercrime #costofcybercrime #security