Does your Business Struggle with Technology

Are you a small or medium business owner?

Small business technology pain points are something that every small and medium company alike experience. They can be prevented with the right solutions, though! We’re here for you when it comes to solving these common IT problems in order to keep your staff productive throughout their day – without them worrying about what computer they should use or downloading yet another software update just because Microsoft told them too (or not).

Small businesses around America deal daily struggles such as balancing work life against personal obligations; however there’s one area where many entrepreneurs feel like they always come up short: Technology solutions available today leave much room for improvement despite advances made over recent years.

We’ve all been there: banging our head against the table because we just can’t get our computer to work. If you’re not a tech-savvy person, you may not even know where to start when it comes to solving your problems. Outsourcing your IT needs will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to dealing with these pain points. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the small business technology pain points you may be experiencing. 

  • Computer Speed

Let’s face it; we’ve all experienced a slow computer. It tends to happen just when you’re in the middle of the project and need your computer to work as fast as you are. There could be several reasons this may be happening. You may have too much stored on your computer or your device may have been subject to vulnerabilities. 

  • Viruses and Malware

Viruses are a common occurrence, especially if your computer isn’t protected. This is one of the most troubling small business technology pain points because it can cause a lot of problems. You not only have downtime where you’re unable to work while it’s being fixed, but you put your client/customer’s data at risk. 

  • Internet connectivity

Frequent internet connectivity and speed issues can be a real pain especially when dealing with them at the office. The majority of the work that we do is on the internet. These issues sometimes can’t be avoided because your internet service provider may be experiencing an outage but for the most part, if you keep your networking equipment updated, you’ll be doing your part to ensure a quality online experience.

  • Data Loss

Data loss can be a headache, especially if you’ve lost important client information. There could be several reasons you lost your data, whether it’s from an employee error or a problem with your server. In general, there is an easy solution for preventing this: cloud storage. Having your information automatically backed up on the server will prevent it from being easily deleted or be affected by any outages. 

  • Outdated software

Having outdated software can mean software issues may be right around the corner. Software updates correct bugs within the software and also help with limiting software crashes. Keep your software updated to avoid software issues in the future.

  • Printing problems

Printing issues happen when your computer has lost its connection to the printer. Depending on how you’re connected to the printer, this can be easily restored. However, sometimes it’s driver and requires that you update the driver.

  • Assessments and Advisory 

The first step is the initial assessment of your current systems and processes. Once a full assessment has been done, our IT professionals will advise you on upgrades you should make to help prevent these pain points from happening. 

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Remote monitoring of your computers enables our IT professionals to manage your workstations and servers remotely. They proactively roll out the latest software updates and continuously monitor the health of your managed devices to ensure the highest possible uptime. Outsourcing your IT allows your assets to stay protected without the added overhead of having an internal IT team. Another benefit of remote monitoring is that alerts can be configured at a device level. If something has passed the set threshold, it will trigger an automatic ticket to our Service Desk.

  • Service Help Desk

It’s not your job to understand technology, that’s what our IT professionals are for. Having a service help desk on hand to speak to and ask questions is beneficial for any small business. We can work with you to figure out what the problem is that you’re experiencing and our Service Team will fix it quickly.


Small business owners wear many hats. The must be the visionary, the operator and maintain all of the financials. But there is one hat they no longer need to wear: The IT Department. Outsource your IT needs to a skilled and professional Managed Services Partner and sleep easy knowing this is one pain point you no longer need to stress over.