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Proactive Maintenance

By November 11, 2020June 23rd, 2021Uncategorized

Do you currently have someone that will bring cleaning equipment to your business location to ‘clean’ the technology devices on a regular basis? If not, this is recommended to be done on a yearly basis to help remove any collected dust that has entered these devices. Cleaning the dust from a computer can help improve the air flow so the computer is operating at peak performance. 


Let us perform this task for you on a scheduled basis to have the peace of mind that things will be done right. 

  • Heat Can Kill Electronics and Slow Speed

    • Heat is the often the cause of many electronics failures. A computer that is starved for air flow will not only work harder and hotter, but will also slow down because of heat buildup. Many of today’s modern computer components sense temperature spikes and slow down in an attempt to keep the temperature within specifications. If it is unable to keep the temperature within check, your computer might shut down frequently in order to prevent damage. Such is especially true in laptop computers, which are some of the most difficult computers to clean as they often require extensive disassembly of of unit.
    • But heat can also cause damage if too much builds up and it has nowhere to go. The circuit boards in modern electronics have a lot of very small circuit pathways that can easy short out if enough heat is present to cause warping. Preventing heat buildup can prevent this damage.

    • How often you clean your computer is a matter of debate. Some clean it yearly while others clean it monthly. We think three-four months is a good range. If the computer is always on, you have pets, you smoke, you have a lot of carpet or the computer is kept on the floor, you will probably need to clean it more regularly.

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