welcome to Ma3SP, LLC

Your Hometown Technology Professional with Heart of an Educator


Welcome to Ma3SP, LLC

Ma3SP, LLC is an invaluable member of the community who has been providing information technology services for years. We’re skilled and knowledgeable in most things and specializing in using technology to allow employees to be more productive during the day-to-day operations at your business. Working with Ma3SP will give you a one stop shop when it comes to all your IT needs which allows you focus on what matters – Running Your Business!

Ma3SP provides managed IT services for businesses in Northern Indiana and surrounding states. Just like a captain navigating the seas, we keep our eyes on the ever-changing horizon, ensuring your technology needs are met as your business grows. We strive to build relationships and stay prepared for when storms occur. Built upon a solid foundation of trust, authentic, and friendship, Ma3SP is focused upon creating success for our employees, customers and community.


Taking Care of Your Technology

Ma3SP, LLC offers local or remote IT services for businesses in Goshen, Elkhart, Mishawaka, Granger, South Bend, Nappanee, Warsaw, and surrounding areas. Ma3SP creates successful hybrid cloud solutions, integrated IT services, powerful business digital phone systems for our customers. Ma3SP services a wide geographic area from our headquarters in Goshen, Indiana. 

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Meet Our Team

The past 25 years of my professional life has been spent working with K-12 education technology which, in turn, enabled me to develop a heart and hand for teaching. I’ve seen the struggles first-hand as teachers have tried to keep up with ever changing curriculum standards while still providing students support on an individual level.

I’ve been lucky enough over these last two decades that I got immersed into the world of educational innovation during one its most exciting periods: The digital revolution!

Connor Shaw

Director of Sales and Marketing

Leverage Managed Services to Fuel Your Business Growth

Is your company looking for help with your technology, office printers or phone system? Struggling justifying hiring someone in-house or having issues finding the right candidate that will fit within your companies culture? Many businesses just like yours have been solving this issue by outsourcing to a local IT service provider.

Are you having issues with technology and noticing employee productivity is slacking? We have experienced technicians who can solve issues remotely or come on-site to fix the problem. Ma3SP is that IT service provider with a heart of an educator that uses knowledge to educate our clients how to be more productive in the day to day activities. Ma3SP is an IT service provider who is a single call away when the storm is brutal that will calm the seas and take the frustration out of IT.

Stay competitive and agile in this increasingly demanding digital world by leveraging the power of top-notch managed services by Ma3SP, LLC. Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to improve your customer service or a telecom business looking to make your network safer and more secure, we are your go-to managed service provider in Goshen, Indiana, having your back with our years of experience in the industry.

Why Choose Us

Ma3SP, LLC was opened for operation as a managed service provider for small and medium businesses in July 2019 after leaving the educational industry, specifically K-12, with 24 years of service. The experiences received during this time have given us a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help the area businesses optimize their critical process and reach their goals.

And we want you to take advantage of this knowledge and vision to help your business maneuver through the sea of information available today and push it to new heights while saving your bottom line.

How We Work

We are a management consulting service provider in Goshen, Indiana, that utilizes specialized software to check key factors within your organization’s infrastructure. Taking a proactive approach helps us minimize downtime before it becomes an operation roadblock. Our years of experience and expertise in the industry also allow us to help your business transition into a proactive model rather than a break-fix or on-demand technology model.

When you choose as a managed service provider for your business, small or big, in Goshen, Indiana, you can rest assured of turning your biggest challenges into mastery and accelerating your business growth.

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Service Provider is a third-party company that works remotely to manage your business’s IT infrastructure and user systems. They tend to serve small to mid-sized businesses; however, over the years, they can be seen working with large corporations as well. Since they generally perform the functions of an in-house IT staff, they will form a long-term relationship with your business. They will also help you with critical decision-making, advise on how and where you can improve, and invest time to ensure your long-term success.

At Ma3SP, LLC, we understand that most businesses struggle with maintaining their technology. And that is why we put strategic management for IT services in place to maintain your technology so you can focus on your business and have peace of mind knowing that your technology will always be in safe hands and with experts.